Must Haves For Tent Camping

As the end of summer approaches, many people are trying to get in their camping trips for the year. Tent camping is becoming more and more popular, especially as people can’t afford to purchase trailers and motor homes in this economy. Before packing up for your first tent camping trip, there are a few things that you should bring with you!

1 – Waterproofed tent – Some tents will come already pre-sealed, but the majority are not. Be sure to go over all the seams and door ways in your new tent with a sealant and allow it proper time to dry before going on your first camping trip. Many of the complaints of new tent campers about leaky tents can be avoided simply by sealing a new tent.

2 – Air mattress – An air mattress or two will make sleeping in a tent infinitely more enjoyable. Not only does it keep you off of the ground, a good air mattress will provide proper support for your back and neck while you are camping in a tent.

3 – Insect repellent – Nature is full of beauty, and full of predators. Many of these predators come in the annoying form of ticks and mosquitoes. Do yourself a favor and come prepared with an appropriate bug spray as well as citronella candles for your eating check guide area. The best bug sprays will contain DEET and protect you from bites that could cause lime disease or mosquito carried diseases such as the West Nile virus.

4 – Bear proof containers – If you are considering camping off the beaten path or in bear country, you will need bear proof containers to store any food you have with you. Bear attacks are no joke and for the most part can be prevented completely by making sure you bear-proof your camp site. Never store food or garbage in a way that bears can smell it or get to it. Bear-proof containers will also prevent against other pests such as raccoons ravaging your food stores.

5 – All-weather gear – Many times when escaping to the mountains, we don’t consider how much cooler the high altitude can be. Make sure to take warm as well as cool weather clothing with you when camping in the mountains. Simple rain parkas and fleece outer wear will keep you comfortable in most mountain climates during the summer. Make sure to take socks and shoes that completely cover your feet as well. Sandals are not always appropriate footwear when camping out in the mountains.

This is just a short list of things to pack with you when going on your first tent camping trip. The environment in which you are camping will generally determine the majority of what you choose to pack with you. Firewood, fire starters, blankets, and lots of dry clothing are all generally necessities no matter where you decide to camp. If you are camping on national forest land, be sure to check in with the ranger station and follow any advice and camping regulations that are in place for the area you are camping in.

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